Re-Learning all About the Foot/Ankle in Chicago

I am always continuing to learn! Last weekend, I attended a Motion Palpation Institute seminar in Chicago on the Foot/Ankle. I re-learned a lot of info and also learned a lot of new info on the foot and ankle, including all about how to approach conditions like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, fractures, flat feet, ankle instability/weakness, and more. Since the feet are truly the foundation of the body, it was a great seminar and such important information. I had a few major takeaways that I wanted to share with my patients!

My key takeaways:

*The pain/symptom is often NOT originating in the location of the pain/symptom! For example, a foot problem is often times coming from the hip, knee, shoulder, upper back or somewhere else! One major lesson I have learned is not to chase the pain, but instead evaluate the whole patient and determine where the issue is truly originating from. To truly treat someone holistically, we evaluate and treat the entire body/person.

*Cortisone injections should be an absolute last resort, as they weaken ligaments and soft tissue in the joint area and de-mineralize the bone. Cortisone can also have wider negative systemic effects if used more often. (See a chiropractor first!)

*9 times out of 10, any chronic, unresolved joint pain is a body-wide inflammation issue, caused by poor diet. We need to make nutritional adjustments! Inflammatory diets that include grains, dairy, refined oils, and especially sugars, drastically increase pain and reduce healing in the body. A nutritional approach to controlling inflammation and thus pain in the body would be to eat fish, meats, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats, and drink plenty of water. It is a fact: we are what we eat! Any patient eating an inflammatory diet will just not heal well and will oftentimes experience pain in the body in some form. De-flame, de-flame, de-flame, as Dr. David Seaman says!

*A new technique I am learning/taking interest in is Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, a technique that works from the inside out, by affecting the central nervous system to re-establish neuromuscular control and core stability in the body. 

I look forward to a few more seminars this year on the calendar!