Quick At-Home Stress Relief Techniques Video

And we're back!

Maurice D. Williams Move Well Fitness, LLC.and I were inspired to create another short video for you all, this time with two quick techniques to deal with STRESS.

I discuss how stress impacts us, the role of the adrenal glands, and how to self-treat the adrenal glands at home by stimulating the Adrenal Neurolymphatic points. The technique only takes a minute! And you will experience the immediate benefits of better-functioning adrenal glands and an increased state of relaxation.

Maurice discusses proper breathing and demonstrates to us how to do a breathing exercise- so important! He teaches us how to properly breathe to oxygenate our body better, activate the right breathing muscles, and reduce the stress response.

Check it out! We would love to hear your feedback, and particularly would love to hear if you have any requests for another upcoming instructional video.

Quick At-Home Stress Relief Exercises