Pre Surgery Chiropractic

I had a great experience with new patient Brad about a week ago. Brad is a great example of why it is important to seek alternative care even when surgery has already been found necessary. Brad has avascular necrosis (death of bone tissue) in both hips, and has been scheduled for surgery on Jan 13th.
Brad came in at the recommendation of a friend. I treated him as I would any patient, also focusing heavily on the musculoskeletal stability in his pelvis/hips. Thankfully, my tool of Applied Kinesiological muscle testing helped me identify imbalances and correct them. Since treatment, Brad has experienced less stiffness in both hips. He also reports less snoring at night (you never know how extensive the benefits you may receive from a chiropractic treatment are!). The benefits to receiving chiropractic care before and after a surgery? To name a few: better surgical outcomes, better healing response to surgery, less pain before, during, and after surgery, reduced stress/anxiety, reduced and easier recovery time, and better health overall!