Pelvic Blocking to Treat the Hips and Lower Back

I've got more great info for you all today thanks to the help of my fantastic patient Christina! We took some time out after her treatment yesterday to take some photos to demonstrate another great technique I use with patients- pelvic blocking from Sacro-Occipital Technique.

Pelvic blocking addresses pelvic/hip misalignments that can lead to a wide range of dysfunction and symptomatic problems including hip/pelvis/lower back/knee problems, hormonal issues, ovary/testicular pain, shoulder problems, cranial (skull) problems, headaches, a general feeling of tension in the body, and more. 

The hips/pelvis complex affects the entire body and is so important for overall body function. For example, anyone with upper body complaints should always have their hips/pelvis checked as well. Everything is so intricately connected. Specifically, the pelvis is connected to the neck and upper back by way of something called the dura mater, which is the membrane enveloping the brain and spinal cord.

I asses the need for any pelvic blocking during the treatment using my tool of Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, which is highly reliable and an amazing tool!

Pelvic blocking works differently from high velocity manual adjustments. Pelvic blocking is a way to balance the lower back/hips with a slow, gentle method that treats and relaxes the muscles/ligaments naturally. Both higher force and lower force adjustive techniques have a place and together are a powerful combination.

Thanks to Christina for being such a wonderful patient. She's always smiling and ready for whatever the treatment brings her. Christina is also a registered nurse and so brings a lot of her own knowledge and insights to the treatments as well! Thank you Christina for being an awesome teammate with me on your optimal health journey!