Patient Sonia Shares Her Experience at Synergy Chiropractic

My patient Sonia was kind enough to allow me to share some of her most recent treatment and her experiences here at Synergy Chiropractic! 

Sonia first came to me a few months ago after her husband Mike convinced her to give it a try. A couple of months later, she has experienced improvements in her overall energy levels and has even been able to cut down her coffee intake drastically. She also was experiencing some widespread joint pain, in her knees and wrists particularly, which have improved as well! 

Just as with any patient, we have taken all factors of health into consideration with Sonia. We have addressed long standing structural (spinal misalignments, nervous system balance, etc), chemical (nutrition, toxins, organ systems, etc), and mental/emotional stressors. 

We have used chiropractic adjustments, muscle testing, lymphatic reflex points, acupuncture meridian balancing, mind-body techniques, nutritional supplements and homeopathy, and more to help balance Sonia's body and improve her overall health.

I continue to working more with Sonia on her path to optimal wellness!


Muscle testing a hand muscle and giving Sonia a left wrist adjustment.  Sometimes, the carpal (wrist) bones become "jammed" and improperly mobile.  This is one adjustment to help restore alignment to the small but important bones of the wrist.