Out with the Drugs, in with Holistic Chiropractic!

What better way to start the New Year than to show just another one of the amazing possibilities we have with holistic health care?

Below is a medication/supplement before and after chart from my patient Allison, who was kind enough to share this with us! The before chart is from 2014, while the chart to the right is from 2016. 

In the 2 years that I have been treating my patient Allison, she has gone from 10 daily prescription medications to 2 as needed Rx medications, and she has also gone from 12 nutritional supplements daily to 8 supplements daily. We did this with holistic chiropractic care in the office including adjustments, organ system work, mind-body techniques and more, and dietary sensitivity testing and dietary changes, as well as muscle testing for Allison's nutritional supplement needs. 

By incorporating holistic healthcare into her life, Allison has been able to get off essentially all of her prescription drugs. Notice that many of the medications were for allergies and sinus issues, which people may not think of chiropractic care being the first line of treatment for. Sure enough, with treatment in the office, dietary changes, and the correct nutritional supplements, Allison was able to get off her meds, many of which cause both short and long-term negative side effects. 

By using muscle testing in the office to test for Allison's specific nutritional supplement needs, we were able to eliminate many of the natural supplements she was taking as well. Oftentimes, people come in to the office taking many supplements, which they have read about or been given before, without knowing if they are helping or if they are really what is needed by the body. With muscle testing, we can determine what exactly is needed by the patient. In this way, we were also able to refine Allison's nutritional supplement list.

I love to see the miracles of holistic healthcare work in this way! It has truly been amazing to look back at Allison's progress and see how far she has come. Thanks to Allison for sharing this journey so that everyone can see!

Here's to many more "miracles" like these here in the office in 2017! Happy New Year!