Out with the Dairy
July 20, 2017
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When you go for your milk this morning, chose a cow dairy alternative! I personally like coconut milk, and even recently tried macadamia nut milk, which was delicious. In this photo you can see all of the reasons to avoid cow dairy, and to try some alternatives! 

I use muscle testing to test all of my patients for their specific food sensitivities, including especially wheat, corn, dairy, soy, nuts, eggs, and sugars. Often times, my patients muscle test weak for dairy (this doesn't include butter, which contains little to no dairy proteins).

Cow dairy is rough on the genitourinary system, and also tends to cause digestive issues and congestion/mucous formation, particularly in the sinuses. Cow milk is actually acid-forming and thus causes the body to actually leach calcium and other minerals from the bones, therefore contributing to osteoporosis in the long-run. Perhaps this is why some studies have linked increased cow milk intake to increased risk of fracture later in life.

There are also MUCH better sources of more absorbable calcium than what is found in milk, including broccoli, spinach, kale, collards and other green leafies. Another personal favorite of mine-bone broth!