Our Electromagnetic Systems, Nature, and Chiropractic

Electromagnetic radiation and the effects of it on our bodies and our health has been a hot topic lately, especially with the roll out of 5G cellular technology by Verizon, Samsung, Nokia, and other associated technologies. 

5G operates wirelessly, and promises faster speed, more responsiveness, and the ability to connect a lot more devices at once. To do this, cell sites (cell towers or base centers) are established in many locations. These can be seen as obvious cell towers, or hidden in artificial or real trees, on buildings, on advertising signs, and more. 

According to the World Health Organization, electromagnetic frequencies, or EMFs, can be " possibly carcinogenic to humans". The ICNIRP sets international guidelines for healthy EMF exposure. Unfortunately, to be able to roll out this new technology, the international safe limits of EMF exposure for humans have been increasingly raised.

The effects of EMF exposure on the human body, from cell phones, television, microwave ovens, computers, any WiFi devices, electrical wiring, heating/plumbing, etc. includes: imbalance of our body's own sophisticated electromagnetic system, disruption of the heart (electrical system), neurological system, and brain, and increase in inflammatory states in the body. The more obvious symptoms can include insomnia, anxiety/depression, brain fog, dizziness/vertigo, more frequent illness, etc. 

So, what do we do about this? Here is where I get passionate and excited, because while we may not be able to stop the roll out of further technology (though we may try), we can take action steps to balance our body's own electromagnetic system and counteract the effects of living in a wireless world!

One of the things that really helps to balance our negative and positive ions and thus our electromagnetic system is one of my favorite things of all time: NATURE. The most healing kind of nature to be in to reverse negative EMF effects is the forest (lots of trees), mountains, and especially near crashing water, waterfalls, the ocean surf, and right after a thunderstorm. "Earthing" or "grounding" has become a popular activity as it aids in the absorption of ground surface ions from the earth directly into the body through the feet. In short, to get away from the "electro smog" you must get into nature! Even more reason to go on a trail walk, walk on the beach barefoot, or lay in the grass after an evening thunderstorm.

Something else that helps balance the body's electromagnetic system? Research has even proven that chiropractic adjustments balance surface EMF readings in the body. This means that chiropractic can help to balance your body's electromagnetic system as well. Chiropractic positively affects the nervous system, which in turn controls the body through electromagnetic energy.

So in summary- get out into nature, and get adjusted! Happy weekend everyone