Our Book of the Month is Atomic Habits!
Okay, so it's been a few months since I've done my Book of the Month, but here it is...Atomic Habits by James Clear!
This book was all about building good habits and breaking bad ones to live a better life, period.
My key takeaways from this book were:
*Don't focus on achieving grand goals, rather aim to do 1% better every single day, consistently, which will build over time into better habits and achieving your goals. Example: If you want to exercise regularly, start with one minute a day. Literally walk for one minute or do push ups for one minute. Add a minute each day.
*Make your desired habit DESIRABLE. For example, pair something you want to do with something you need to do.
*Make your desired habit EASY. Decrease the number of steps necessary to make your habit happen. Invest in purchases that will make your habits more achievable, etc.
*Make your bad habits UNDESIRABLE. Make it more difficult to do, focus on the benefits of NOT doing it, have an accountability partner, app etc.
The biggest lesson is to take small steps very consistently. We are what we repeatedly do. Focus on your trajectory and not your end goal.
And if you really want to deep dive or make a big committment when it comes to creating good habits for yourself and breaking bad ones, read Atomic Habits by James Clear!