October's Book is Timely: Power vs. Force
It's finally time to summarize October's book of the mont! This month's book is a classic and right now it's very timely.
I first read Power vs. Force by physician, researcher, and spiritual teacher David R Hawkins about 12 years ago when prepping to go to chiropractic school. My chiropractor at the time Dr. Julie Rosenberg told me it was a must read.
To summarize the book, true power comes from within us and is cultivated through our own personal growth, evolution, or spiritual practice (which is really anything that helps us to rise above our worldly troubles and express our true whole, healthy, and loving selves). Here we can positively influence others by changing our own self. Force is attempting to assert power over others, and very much operates from a material level. It often utilizes fear and force to attempt to control others; however, this is where we truly lose our power. All in all, strive for power, not force!
One major highlight of the book is Hawkins' Map of Levels of Consciousness. Hawkins created a logarithmic scale at which humans energetically calibrate at. Along the scale are different vibrational levels known as levels of consciousness. This ranges from lower levels of shame and guilt all the way up to higher levels of joy, peace, and enlightenment, and anywhere in between. As humans, we can fluctuate as to where we land on this scale of course. There are machines that can measure the energetic rate that we are calibrating at, but what's super cool is that Hawkins even delves into using muscle testing as a means of measuring our vibrational level! There is quite a large section of the book on the important tool of kinesiological muscle testing.
We do this in the office often when we use muscle testing to identify negative emotional stressors or traumas, such as with Neuro Emotional Technique.
We truly are vibrational beings!
"Everything is energy, and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."- Albert Einstein