Now Offering: Customized Nutritional Supplement Programs!

Happy Friday everyone! 

*Brief update on the office status- we remain open to see patients on an urgent needs basis. We are still here for you on a more limited schedule.*

This being said, I thought it was a great time to introduce a brand new service that I have brought to the practice. It's been something I have been wanting to do for a while, but it took COVID-19 to give me the final motivation I needed to set it all up.

I am now offering virtual/remote health status assessments followed by personalized nutritional supplement regimens based on those assessments! This service is also available to my current, in-person patients.

The process goes like this:

1. Patient is electronically sent or given a Standard Process Inc.Systems Health Survey, a questionnaire given to access a snapshot of the patients health at that moment in time, to fill out.

2. Once I receive the Systems Survey, a Telehealth appointment may be scheduled to further discuss the patients current health.

3. I then combine clinical knowledge with the use of a practitioner key to asses the patients overall health and nutritional needs, allowing me to create a customized nutritional, herbal, and/or homeopathic supplement regimen to be taken for a specified amount of time.

4. Due to the recent set up and activation of the Patient Direct online portal on Standard Process' website, patients can have all supplements shipped to them directly. If a non-Standard Process product is prescribed, we will ship those products out separately.

5. A re-assessment is done after the specified amount of time on the regimen.

It's as easy as can be, yet super effective, and a wonderful way to support people when they simply cannot be in the office, perhaps because they cannot come in for the recent circumstances such as COVID-19, live across the country, cannot travel, etc. 

I have already done a few of these Systems Surveys and customized nutritional supplement plans with a few patients, and am eager to do more! Not only does it help people who cannot have an in-person appointment, it can help anyone who wants to support themselves with supplements, but is completely unsure of where to start, which ones to get, etc. Anyone know of anyone in this camp? I know I do! The world of supplements has become a complicated place, and now more than ever, guidance is needed.

I would love for you all to help me spread the good word about my new virtual or in-person health service! If you or anyone you know needs help in assessing their current needs in this way, go ahead and send them my way. 

The info on this service can be found at this link:

I hope everyone is making the most of some of this COVID-19 enforced downtime. I know it has caused me to brainstorm other ways that I can help people and live out my passion, do some self-reflection, and create positive changes in my life. Before we know it, life will be back to being busy again. What changes do we want to bring with us into the future?

Thank you so much! I am missing you all. Dr. Amanda