Normalize Chiropractic Care! My Favorite Fashion Statement
I don't often wear statements but when I do, they're about chiropractic! And I've been wearing this shirt in the office quite regularly! Here I am with my longtime patient Alyssa sporting my new gear.
"Normalize Chiropractic Care" to me means removing the stigmas around what chiropractic is and ensuring that everyone knows the benefits of chiropractic care and incorporating it into our health care regimens.
Chiropractic care has gotten an unfair and unfitting rep of being "quackery", being dangerous or harmful, and honestly just all-around being unreal health care.
The truth is that chiropractic is a time-tested, safe, conservative, and highly effective form of holistic health care that often saves people from having to take drugs, have surgery or pursue more aggressive care. Chiropractic care affects the body and nervous system in such a way that it can positively influence any bodily system, including but not limited to the musculoskeletal system, immune system, organ systems, mind-body systems, and more. Chiropractic physicians require 4 years (in my case I did 3 and 1/3 years with no summer or winter breaks) of schooling during which we learn extensive basic sciences, physiology, pharmacology, diagnostic imaging and laboratory analysis, and chiropractic technique. All in all, chiropractic is a safe, legitimate, and powerful form of health care.
So I say, "Normalize Chiropractic Care"
If you are a patient of mine and want to share how starting chiropractic care has eliminated any of your former stigmas or just plain blown your mind, please comment them below!