New Study Refutes Link Between Chiropractic and Sroke

Here's some great new, accurate research to celebrate this Friday! 

Chiropractic adjustments do NOT alone cause strokes. Strokes are caused by a combination of factors. The occurrence of a stroke is something that takes years to develop and the conditions must be there- peripheral artery disease, artery damage and inflammation, high blood pressure, etc. A good physician knows how to screen for possible signs of a stroke or impending stroke, and modifies his treatments based on these signs. By the way, a person is statistically more likely to be struck by lightening twice in their lifetime than suffer a stroke after an adjustment, or 1 in 1 million.

Let's look at conventional medicine. Never ignoring that conventional medicine has a time and a place, and that our emergency medical system is one of the best in the world, still, the conventional medical system itself is statistically far more dangerous than chiropractic treatment. Conventional medical care is now the 3rd leading cause of death in our country according to some sources. Our current estimated number of yearly total deaths due to medical errors is 502,000. The number of yearly non-error medical deaths in our country is 212,000 per year. This totals 714,000 deaths annually.

Chiropractic is on the whole extremely safe and offers alternatives to drugs and surgery, which have possibly harmful side effects, while also promoting preventative healthcare to avoid disease and poor health conditions such as stroke and heart disease, etc. 

Just check out the article below!