New Goodies at the Office!

It's a new week at the office and I've got brand new goodies in the treatment room! I recently got new Sacro Occipital Technnique pelvic blocks. These DeJarnette blocks, developed by a chiropractor and osteopath in the 1920's, are designed to correct specific patterns of imbalance in the body. They provide a low-force adjustment to the pelvis, which re-clibrates the patients nervous system. They also release torque and tension in the spine and spinal cord, allowing cerebrospinal fluid to flow better.

I also got a thoracic (upper and mid back) adjusting piece to help with some of my thoracic adjustments. It provides extra support to ensure more accurate adjustments for the patient.

Just a few of the shiny new toys you may see and experience during your treatments this week! I am looking forward to getting back in the office tomorrow! Happy new week!