New Documentary 'Stressed' Explores the Stress Affect, Highlights NET

AMAZING documentary alert! 

'Stressed', by Dr. Luke Segreto, explores mental/emotional and physical stress, how we became the highly stressed beings that we are today, how this impacts our bodies, and finally how we can help alleviate this stress and its impact on our health!

While stress includes physical stresses such as injuries, environmental toxins, poor diet, weather changes, etc., this documentary in particular explores the mental/emotional side of stress.

Any mental/emotional stressor creates a physiological response in our body. We can often feel it palpably in the form of increased heart rate, sweating, flushing, upset stomach, change in appetite, and more. We know that stress can cause this reaction in our bodies. It also causes much more underneath of these symptoms which cannot always be seen or felt. This response can contribute to chronic pain, chronic spinal misalignments, organ disease, and many other health conditions.

Neuro-Emotional Technique, founded by Dr. Scott Walker, DC, is a mind-body technique that I practice in the office, and uses muscle testing, acupuncture meridians, chiropractic adjustments, homeopathy, and more to aid the body in processing emotions that have been improperly adapted to by our bodies, thus reducing their negative impact on our health. It is not a counseling or talk therapy type of technique, but rather addresses the body's physical response to an emotional stimulus. 

You can check out this informative documentary for more info on this topic on iTunes, Google Play, or Food Matters TV. I also have one copy available for lending out from the office!