New Common Painkiller Warnings: Why and How To Avoid Them

Oftentimes when patients come to see me, they are experiencing pain, and have used NSAID medicines as a means of turning the pain signals off.

A super important new warning has finally been released by the FDA revealing just how detrimental these drugs can be to our health! Below I list some side effects of NSAID use, as well as some alternatives to using them.

NSAID's are painkillers and include Motrin, Advil, Aleve, Celebrex, and all other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines. NSAID use can contribute to: osteoarthritis, gastrointestinal tract inflammation and disease, kidney disease, stomach bleeding and ulcers, high blood pressure, swelling of feet, ankles, hands, etc., heart problems, rashes, and the list goes on.

There are MANY alternatives to using these medicines, the first of course being chiropractic kinesiology treatments to reduce pain! If you are experiencing back pain, headaches, neck pain, or any other pain, just one visit to a chiropractor can relieve this pain. Studies repeatedly show that conservative chiropractic care is safer and more effective than drugs. Consistent care along with living a healthy lifestyle can oftentimes knock pain out entirely. Some other alternatives to NSAID's?

*Eat an anti-inflammatory diet, low in wheat, dairy, corn, soy, and especially SUGAR. This includes artificial sweeteners like Splenda, or sucralose, which are notorious for causing migraine headaches.
*Eat healthy fats, including Omega-3 rich wild salmon, tuna and other fish, and butter!
*Herbs like ginger and turmeric. Food Babe has a recipe for a "Turmeric Cocktail", and she calls it the drink that can save you from taking Advil. Check it out on her website
*Arnica Montana, or other homeopathic remedies for pain, which come in both oral and lotion form for local support
*Supplements such as Boswelia, Bromelain, or Black Currant Seed Oil
*Yoga, massage, meditation, grounding, and other mind-body practices.