Need a Meal-on-the-Go? Try this Smoothie Recipe

This past week, I happened to need a good breakfast on the go. Whenever I can, I make a good hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, avocados, and veggies, but this morning I happened to need to make a quick smoothie to get out the door fast. 

My patients often ask me what to make when they need a breakfast on the go or a quick meal- here it is!

I tried Standard Process August 2016 smoothie recipe this week! This smoothie is loaded with some good stuff- fruits, and veggies and coconut water, as well as Standard Process very own SP Complete (Dairy Free) shake mix, which includes rice protein, antioxidants, and whole food based nutrients that support GI system, immune system, liver function, toxin elimination and more. 

This SP Complete mix is tasteless, so you can give it the flavor you want. Standard Process also recently began making a vanilla and chocolate flavored SP Complete shake mix as well, so ask me about any of these, as I carry them all in the office! 

I hope some of you get to try this smoothie recipe out, and that it gives you a good idea of how to make a quick but healthy meal or snack on the go!