My Sister's Natural Birth Story!

I am so proud of my sister Tiffany for sharing her story on her unmedicated and completely natural birth of her second daughter, Sienna! 

Birth/Obstetrics is yet another category of health that has become vastly over medicalized and expensive. The current birth model in our country is incredibly flawed in many ways. While we rank top amongst countries for our emergency care, America ranks 61st in the country for maternal health, the worst of any developed country. The United States also unbelievably ranks #1 amongst all wealthy countries for infant death rates. 

We have made pregnancy and birth out to be a medical emergency that should be feared, rather than a miracle, and a normal process of life. 

Midwives and doulas are on the rise. They are being recognized for their incredible wisdom, knowledge, and capability to coach a soon-to-be mother throughout their pregnancy and delivery.

I encourage all of my patients to become educated on this topic, whether male or female. It's time that we start thinking for ourselves and doing our own research, as opposed to buying and believing everything that the mainstream medical world tells us. It's time that we start making our own decisions about our bodies.

I invite you to read my sisters article below! Also, visit for an amazing and award-winning documentary series on birth.…/tiffany-unmedicated-birth/