My Practice in the Midst of COVID-19


My favorite shot from this past week in the office: A husband-wife duo and I share a virtual group hug after two much-needed treatments for them. 

This photo fills my heart  This past week, I felt the deep impact of my calling as a holistic chiropractic physician in a time when it's most necessary. 

*A status update on the office amidst COVID-19: My Maryland colleagues and I have been advised by the Maryland Board of Chiropractors and the Secretary of Health to remain open, but to postpone any elective care/wellness/prevention/asymptomatic treatments. We are rather encouraged to see patients in acute condition or who without treatment, his/her health would be greatly, negatively affected. Chiropractors "have a responsibility to manage the urgent needs of our patients during this crisis." This particularly means that if you or someone you know is in pain which has them considering going to urgent care/ER, come this way. We want to take the burden off of those facilities. 

Therefore, we remain open to those patients! We remain open and are taking great care to screen the patients who are coming in. We are sanitizing the entire office in between every single patient and are taking all recommended precautions. We are asking that no one wait in the waiting room area, rather please wait in your car until the patient before you has exited the building. If you have a mask and gloves, please bring them to your appointment. We have seen the traffic in the office reduce significantly with the measures being taken and screenings. We feel the office is still the safe haven that we always intend it to be.*

If it occurs that we must close, we will let you all know on all platforms. Thank you, stay safe, and be well! We love you all.