My Patient Taylor, Shoulder Pain, and Cerebral Palsy

Last week we had a birthday treatment for a rock star patient and friend of mine, Taylor! Not only did she come in on her special day for her treatment, she agreed to take some pics and share her story.

Taylor initially came in for moderate to severe sudden shoulder pain, which we were able to completely resolve together in 5 treatments. Thanks to our conservative care methods, no other medical interventions were necessary for Taylor's shoulder.

Taylor also has the movement disorder called Cerebral Palsy, which affects her motor abilities, balance, and posture, among other things. Taylor asked me if we could work on this with our holistic chiropractic treatments, and I am so glad she asked! With the shoulder all fixed up, we were now able to focus more on our holistic treatments, particularly with work directed to Taylor's brain, neurological and muscular systems.

We implemented chiropractic adjustments along with our Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, muscle therapy, reflex point work and organ work, mind-body techniques, and more. Chiropractic is research-backed, specifically with patients with Cerebral Palsy, to decrease muscle spasticity, decrease pain, improve muscle tone, improve balance and posture, and improve autonomic nervous system function. The autonomic nervous system regulates a multitude of bodily functions through the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. These subconscious functions include digestion and all internal organ function, heart rate regulation, respiratory rate regulation, vascular flow, stress response, mood, and much more. With our holistic chiropractic treatment, we were able to support Taylor with all of these amazing benefits.

I look forward to continuing to work with Taylor monthly, as usual in an integrative, holistic way! Thank you, Taylor! And happiest of birthdays! Also, check out Taylor's Instagram page TC.Talks101 or her Facebook page Taylor Talks, where she provides inspirational content all about overcoming your limitations and interviews tons of motivating peeps. If you want positive and uplifting content, definitely check her out!