My Patient Shannon's Top 3 Reasons for Choosing Regular Holistic Chiropractic Care

This week, my super cool, amazing patient Shannon and I are sharing with you some of her experiences with chiropractic! Rather than do a post on something specific, I decided to let her give you her top 3 reasons why she chooses to get regular holistic chiropractic care. She sent me her top 3, and here they are, straight from Shannon herself!

1. I was experiencing a lot of discomfort in my stomach and upper back and I’ve been to numerous doctors and tried their recommendations, had a few invasive procedures or tests, all results come back negative or normal, none of which have helped the way the holistic approach has and along with adjustments and remedies, just going there to talk is helpful in itself too. You’re (Dr. Amanda) like an older sister who knows what’s wrong with my body better than I do, so I stick around and continue going. It also helps you’re cool.

2. Emotional stress, conscious and subconscious, can apparently be relieved with a crack of the neck. I’ve felt a whole lot more calm and leave feeling more aligned in my body and in my head. 

3. They say the chiropractor is addictive because of how well you feel afterwards and how the results are better than going to a mainstream doctor sometimes and I would 100% agree. I'm a little addicted.

Thanks to Shannon and to all of my patients for making it pure joy to come into "work" everyday!