My Patient Rhona, All the Way from Texas!

It was great to see my patient Rhona this past Saturday...all the way from Texas! 

Rhona is the mother of one of my current patients, and since she lives in Texas, she is only able to come in when she is in the area, about once or twice a year, and it's so good that she does!

Her once or twice yearly tune ups have been enough to keep her feeling good and remaining in optimal health. Many of her aches and pains, as well as some internal issues such as acid reflux, have improved since she began care in the office about a year ago. 

Much of the chiropractic kinesiology work we did at her first session left her with lasting results until she was able to come in again this past weekend almost a year later.

Even though her visits are more infrequent, she has still benefitted greatly. Chiropractic treatments do not need to be multiple times a week or even a month! 

Thanks to my patient Mike for bringing in his wonderful mother whenever she is in town, always keeping her health and happiness in mind! I look forward to seeing her each time she is in town.