My Patient Mikhail's Success Story: Neck, Shoulder, and Arm Pain Fixed Holistically!
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  • My Patient Mikhail's Success Story: Neck, Shoulder, and Arm Pain Fixed Holistically!

It was great to see my patient Mikhail this past week at the office! 

Mikhail came in to me a few months ago complaining of pain in his upper back and neck, right shoulder area, and then traveling down his arm all the way to his hand. He had pain and numbness/tingling down both arms when he initially came in. He had already been seeing a chiropractor for some time without improvement.

Today he is generally anywhere from 85-100% improved, he says.

I have treated Mikhail and worked on a multitude of factors causing his symptoms. I have adjusted him appropriately using muscle testing to make sure I am giving him the exact adjustments that he needs. We have worked on his internal organ systems and reduced toxicity and inflammation in his body. We have given him a B6-Niacin supplement, a deficiency often found in carpal tunnel and other similar conditions. We have worked on emotional stressors, postural stressors at work, and more.

By addressing ALL of the factors of health, we have gotten Mikhail almost completely symptom-free. Mikhail's body was letting us know that things were not in balance. Now we have worked on achieving balance.

Below I am giving Mikhail a standing T2 (upper back) adjustment. This is a very specific adjustment for a misaligned vertebrae in the upper back. This adjustment is instantly relieving of chronic upper back and neck tension and compression. It frees nerve flow to the arm, improves heart and thyroid function, blood sugar balance, and gives an instant energy boost. Most people feel an instant relaxation of their body. It's an amazing adjustment and just one of the many in my tool belt!