My Patient Antonio's Success with Holistic Chiropractic Treatment of his Gout and Arthritis
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  • My Patient Antonio's Success with Holistic Chiropractic Treatment of his Gout and Arthritis
I'm super excited today to share my patient Antonio's happy success story with everyone!
Antonio began seeing me at the end of May of this year with severe gout and pain due to gout in both feet and big toes, arthritis in both knees, and pain throughout his entire body including his neck, entire back, and hips.
After just one treatment, all pain throughout his body was gone except for the pain due to the gout in his feet and right knee. After just 4 more treatments, Antonio now reports that he feels almost no pain throughout his entire body, including in his feet due to gout. He has some mild pain walking up the stairs in his right knee, which we continue to work on, but that's it.
It almost brought me to tears to know how much less pain Antonio is now in. He has experienced significant relief even from his gout, which can be thought of as a difficult condition to treat....not with chiropractic kinesiology!
Using applied kinesiology and chiropractic, we tackled Antonio's issues and particularly his gout from many different angles. I performed not only musculoskeletal treatments including chiropractic manipulations and soft tissue work on all affected areas, but we also addressed the gout internally.
Gout is a type of inflammatory arthritis that occurs when the body does not properly metabolize uric acid. Uric acid can be found in different foods, mostly meats, beans, and alcohol. Uric acid is metabolized through the liver and kidneys, so we looked extensively at the function of Antonio's liver, gall bladder, and kidneys. We also worked on the intestinal system as a toxic GI system often overburdens the liver. We gave Antonio dietary guidelines as well as nutritional supplements to support his liver and kidneys, which he was diligent in taking. These supplements were key as they supported the rebuilding and optimal functioning of his liver and kidneys. Lastly, we even worked on some emotions related to these organs. With holistic chiropractic, we address ALL contributing causes to any condition.
5 visits later and 4.5 months in total, Antonio is almost completely pain-free and his gout is resolving after years of suffering from this condition.
Thanks to Antonio for sharing his story, and Happy Friday everyone!