Muscle Testing in the Orthopedic World

Even when I'm out traveling and taking time off, I am still always learning! I spent last Thursday shadowing orthopedic surgeon Dr. Victor Romano at Romano Orthopedics at West Suburban Hospital in Illinois. 

Dr. Romano is a unique orthopedic surgeon in that he utilizes muscle testing in his practice! For an orthopedist to use muscle testing is rare and yet- so awesome!

I got to see Dr. Romano muscle testing his patients to help in diagnosing their conditions such as carpal tunnel, foot problems, spinal misalignments, TMJ disorders, and more. He also uses muscle testing to test his patients balance. He actually did some of this testing on me. 

I really appreciated getting to see Dr. Romano use muscle testing with his patients. I especially liked seeing how he used it to help in saving his patients from any surgeries if they are perhaps not necessary. Dr. Romano is a conservative orthopedic surgeon as he tries to employ other treatment methods before resorting to surgery.

It was a truly enjoyable learning experience and I look forward to visiting again!