Mother-Son Duo in for their Chiropractic Kinesiology Treatments!

Mother and son duo Ernesto and Doris both paid me a visit together yesterday for their chiropractic kinesiology tune ups! 

Ernesto found me about 4 months ago, in desperation suffering from 10/10 lower back pain and sciatica.  He has some degenerated discs in his lower back and is very active.  I saw Ernesto at the end of the day on a Saturday on an emergency basis, and since then he has been significantly improved, has returned to the gym, and only needs to come in every 4-6 weeks or so for a tune up!  

Ernesto then brought his mom in for similar issues of lower back pain, as well as some upper back, shoulders, and neck pain. She too, has responded well to care in the office after just a few visits! 

Both of these patients are hard working and incredibly good-hearted. I am so grateful to call them my patients and honored to be their health care physician and overall "fixer upper".  

Thanks to Ernesto and his mom Doris for being proactive in your health care and choosing a conservative and holistic approach to health.

Have a great weekend everyone!