Mother-Daughter Duo in for Tune-Ups!

Mother-daughter duo Elena and Juni paid me a visit yesterday morning for their chiropractic kinesiology tune ups!

They were kind enough to model some of the colored lenses that we use during treatment. Colored lenses, also known as Chromotherapy or color therapy, is an alternative medicine therapy that uses color wavelengths to help balance certain parts of the body, organs, emotions, and energy centers.

Juni is 3 years old and recently broke her right lower leg bone (tibia bone) on the playground. Her mother Elena was smart to immediately bring her in for treatment, even with her leg cast still on. I worked on her body to help align her and to promote the best possible healing for her leg. It is so important to support the body's own natural healing processes. I saw her a few times throughout her healing. Our greatest achievement? Mom Elena was proud to report to me that it was immediately after one of Juni's treatments that she began placing weight through her right leg and walking on it again for the first time after her injury. That is the power of chiropractic kinesiology.

Mom Elena is blessed to be very healthy! She is a healthcare provider herself working as a holistic psychotherapist in Gaithersburg, MD. She comes in once every couple of months for a tune up, to keep her body healthy, and for preventive care.

Thanks Elena and little Juni for a great start to my day yesterday, full of smiles and healing! I truly love and appreciate my patients.