More Pediatric Chiropractic!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working on 3 year old Isabella and 12 year old Josephine. Mom Kerryanne was smart to bring both of her girls in for a treatment! 

The nervous system is master of the body. For a child, poor nerve communication can cause developmental delays, behavioral problems, headaches, digestive issues, asthma, and an array of health issues. Chiropractic restores proper nervous system functioning. Oftentimes, a childs first spinal misalignment occurs during the birthing process. Birth can be fairly traumatic, after all! Furthermore, chiropractic kinesiology treatments encourage good brain and nervous system growth, healthy emotional balance, reduce detrimental impact from the environment and our modern world, and promote overall body balance- balance of structural, nutritional, and emotional aspects of health! 

I love working with children of any age from infants to teens. You can see in the picture that since Isabella is too young to muscle test for herself, I am surrogate testing through her mother. It works and it let's us know exactly what is going on in little ones.

Let's get more children receiving holistic health treatments. The earlier they start, the better their lives may be!