Lower Back Pain and the Heart: Intricately Connected

It's Tuesday and we're back in full swing at the office! 

My patient Dottie has been coming in for regular treatments for a few years now, and has also brought her young daughter in for care. She was willing to take some photos to help me demonstrate something that I check with patients often, called Cardiac Low Back.

Many people are unaware that lower back pain can be related and connected to the heart. Sometimes, the body will throw in a "block" to keep us from overexerting ourselves and thus hurting something or stressing the heart too much. This will often come in the form of lower abdominal weakness and lower back pain. 

In these cases, we must not only treat the lower back locally with adjustments, muscle therapy, etc. but we must also address the heart component of the pain. We often will adjust a bone related to the heart, or use the activator on a number of vertebrae to stimulate the heart organ, or another treatment method depending on the patient. Without addressing the heart, the lower back pain may often return after treatment.

There are other signs that help me identify this problem with patients, including an observable forward lean when walking or standing. Thankfully, with all of my training, I have learned how to identify the many different signs and symptoms of certain issues in the body just by looking at the patient, their posture, and their walk.

After we fix the problem of Cardiac Low Back, patients often stop experiencing lower back pain, notice that their core seems stronger, and their energy levels improved, among other things!

Looking forward to seeing all of my patients in the office this week after a weekend away!