Learning all About Inflammation, The Fire Within, This Past Weekend
This past weekend, I attended a Standard Process, Inc seminar called The Fire Within with Dr. Barris Burgoyne all about inflammation and how it can be both a friend and a foe.
Inflammation is a word we hear thrown around a lot these days in the health care world. Inflammation is actually a necessary immune response that enables us to survive infection and injury as well to maintain all of our tissue health by aiding in breaking down of old tissue and rebuilding of new. Inflammation also aids us in eliminating foreign particles and toxins, and handling stress.
The problem is, it is more difficult to turn inflammation off than it is to turn inflammation on. When inflammation persists past the stage in which it should resolve, health problems begin to occur. Chronic inflammation is associated with an extensive list of diseases, as well as chronic pain and musculoskeletal issues.
This past weekend, we delved into the ways in which we can help our patients to get chronic inflammation under control. We learned about a host of nutritional and herbal supplements to help with gastrointestinal inflammation, musculoskeletal inflammation, chronic infections and stealth (persistent) pathogens, and more.
Holistic chiropractic kinesiology treatments also help the body in dealing with inflammation. In recent studies done in Canada, chiropractic adjustments were shown to reduce the production of at least two specific inflammatory proteins. Chiropractic also positively influences the nervous system, which modulates much of the body's immune system. Chiropractic treatments also promote fluid movement and waste drainage throughout the body, helping to eliminate inflammation debris. And this is just the beginning of how we help with inflammation here in the office!