Keeping the Lymph Flowing with Applied Kinesiology

We ended our Friday in the office with my lovely patient Linda, who has been coming to Synergy Chiropractic regularly for almost two years!

Among Linda's complaints when she first came in were many symptoms of lymph congestion, including general soreness/stiffness and joint pain, holding onto water/bloating/swelling, tiredness, dry skin, and more. 

Lymph is the body's natural filtering and waste drainage system. When lymph flow becomes backed up or congested in various areas of the body, it can cause symptoms like the ones listed above. This lymph back up often occurs due to irritation or inflammation of the internal organs or muscles.

In Applied Kinesiology, one of the techniques we learn is assessment and treatment of the Chapman Neurolymphatic Reflex Points. Developed by a Doctor of Osteopathy, Frank Chapman, in 1920, these reflex points are located throughout the body. Each organ and muscle shares its own lymphatic reflex points. We will commonly muscle test to detect certain muscular weaknesses, and then will rub the reflex point in a circular motion for about a minute to rebalance lymphatic drainage, if we determine that this is in fact what the patient needs. The points will often be tender to the touch if they need to be worked on.

Treating a patient using Chapman's neurolymphatic points helps to encourage the flow of lymphatic (waste) drainage in certain regions of the body, and also helps to relax the related nerves, resulting in better musculoskeletal and neurological function throughout the body. Linda often notices these beneficial effects almost immediately, such as decreased swelling and decreased joint pain.

Thank you Linda for helping us demonstrate another useful tool in Applied Kinesiology!