Keeping Marcus Running
January 29, 2022
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I've been seeing Marcus, his daughter, and his mother (3 generations!) since 2015. During the pandemic, Marcus took up a daily outdoor running routine, which has done worlds for his physical and mental health. So it became even more important that we address a right knee issue he began having years ago!

One of the first issues Marcus came into me with was right knee pain. This is a good opportunity to explain that holistic chiropractic kinesiology, the usage of applied kinesiological muscle testing, holistic health techniques, and chiropractic, can address NOT ONLY "back and neck pain", but discomfort in any area of the body. 

As always, I start with a full muscle testing screen of the knee-individual quad muscles, various hip flexors, glutes, and many more. We identify which muscles are inhibited aka not turned on and firing correctly, leading to instability and compromise of the knee joint (an injury just waiting to happen). Often, as was Marcus' case, we find multiple muscles shut off; however, not to worry! 

Using a combination of muscle activation techniques, myofascial release, chiropractic manipulation to both the central spine as well as the knee joint, foot bones, etc, lymphatic reflex point therapy, and of course mind-body techniques (emotional stress almost always plays a role) and nutrition, we get ALL the shut off muscles back on board again by the end of the treatment 99% of the time. 

Years later, Marcus is able to maintain a regular running routine, despite the activity of running commonly resulting in inflammation and knee pain for people with compromised and/or weakened knee joints. 

Marcus, it's been the best to see you and your family throughout the years, and I am thrilled to help keep you able to do what you love-run!