Joint Stiffness: Not Old Age!

This is a great (and short!) read all about chronic joint stiffness.

Many people believe that the joint stiffness they are experiencing is due to "old age" or chalk it up to "getting older". This is entirely False!

If you are someone who experiences joint stiffness, it can be improved or resolved by addressing the true structural, biochemical, and emotional/mental causes behind the symptom.

Joint stiffness can be due to misaligned joints throughout the body (none better to see for this than a chiropractor!) along with excessive weight load on the body and lack of exercise, and nutritional deficiencies particularly essential minerals used to build bone. A diet high in grains, dairy, and especially sugars do not support optimal joint health (contrary to popular belief).

Waking up with joint stiffness can signal that there is a toxic, overloaded liver, and a sluggish gall bladder. The gall bladder houses the body's own natural anti-stiffness factor. Yes, you heard correctly. We as human beings produce our own anti-stiffness factor! Get the liver and gall bladder functioning optimally, and joint stiffness disappears.

As always and as I always try to teach my patients- any and all symptoms in the body can have and oftentimes will have an emotional/mental stress component. Mind-body techniques here in the office along with at-home emotional well-being care is one of the best things a person can do for their health.

Read more about chronic joint stiffness and the holistic approach to it in the article below. Thanks!