It's the Most Wonderful Time..It's Cleanse Time!

It's that time of the year again-cleanse time! On October 6th, I, as well as three (so far!) of my patients are going to do Standard Process Inc.21 Day Purification Program! We would love to have others join us in this detoxification program.

Chances are you have heard of many detox programs out there. I choose every year to do Standard Process' purification program myself because A) I know their products are the real deal, high quality, health-care-professional-prescribed-only, whole organic food based products B) it's an effective cleanse clinically supported with research studies C) it's easy to do with their cleanse booklet, cookbook, and the support of a group led by me!

The 21 Day Purification Program purifies and helps your body to rebuild from the inside out. It helps us to eliminate all of the toxins that have built up over time, as well as to maintain a healthy weight, health, and vitality. I like to do it once a year to give myself a total cleanse and what I like to think of as a reset.

The program consists basically of 10 days of vegetarian eating followed by the incorporation of fish and meat. The entire 21 days involve completely avoiding most grains, dairy, soy, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and a few other foods. There is a detoxification shake mix, with which we do 2-3 shakes a day, and three other nutritional supplements that we take over the course of the 21 days. 

I love this cleanse because I usually notice: my skin clears up, I sleep more soundly, my joints feel better and my body holds up at work better, my anxiety levels decrease, my energy naturally increases, I lose my sugar cravings, and more. Many of my patients like it for the weight loss effects. There are many other benefits to cleansing your entire body once a year as well. It is truly an investment in your health.

I would recommend this to most of my patients, given they are able to undergo a purification program at this point in their health journey. If you are interested in joining us for the cleanse, message me and let me know! This time around, I will be sharing smoothie and meal recipes, giving advice and tips for road blocks in the cleanse, checking in on patients progress, and updating everyone on my progress! Check especially my Facebook live and Instagram live accounts for everyday helpful, supportive, and informational cleanse-related posts.

In this increasingly toxic world, I truly believe in the power of a good cleanse every once in a while. I definitely wouldn't say it's easy, but it is absolutely worth it. It will be just as tough for me, but we will be in this together! 

If you decide to do the cleanse, all purification kits must be ordered through me by next Thursday, October 3rd to be picked up over the weekend. If I need to ship the purification kit to you, I would try to have the order in earlier in the week.

Happy Friday everyone!