How to Save Your Knees! A Patient Success Story

So many times we are told by a medical professional that "nothing can be done" or that drugs or surgery is our only option.

We have a great patient success story here that shows that so many times this is simply untrue! Check out the story of our patient Gayle below. Many thanks to Gayle for wanting to share her experiences here!

Gayle came in for the first time last summer with a myriad of health complaints, the most concerning to her being moderate to severe osteoarthritis of both knee joints, with severe degeneration in the left knee particularly. Gayle had been told that there was really nothing to be done, and that she would inevitably need knee surgery, likely on the left knee.

After treating Gayle using a holistic approach with Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, and nutritional supplemental support, Gayle is now almost pain-free. She has returned to physical activity including pilates and hiking (as mentioned in her testimonial below!) without much difficulty at all. She has experienced other positive changes such as desired weight loss and improved mood. Check out the pictures below where Gayle demonstrates everything that she can now do with her knees that were not possible to do before.

Thanks to Gayle for sharing, and for being such a wonderful patient to work with!

Gayle's testimonial:

Dr Amanda Thompson, of Synergy Chiropractic, is an exemplary Chiropractor. Upon my first visit, Dr. Amanda thoroughly examined my entire body and listened intently to my symptoms. She thoroughly diagnosed the issues I was having which were affecting my osteoarthritic knees; the reason for my visit . She then came up with a strategic treatment plan, not only to help alleviate the pain in my knees, but also, align the parts of my body which were out of alignment that were negatively affecting my knee issues.
Dr. Amanda treats my entire body, not only with her expert Chiropractic skills, but also Holistically. Her knowledge regarding how each part of the body affects one another is remarkable. Amanda's plan for me has included vitamin supplements, manipulations, exercise, and a diet, which have made vast improvements in my mobility, and I am happy to say that I am almost pain free!! I can truly say that if it wasn't for Dr. Amanda Thompson's expertise and most importantly her very caring nature, I wouldn't have been able to start hiking again!!!!