How Long Does That Last?

"How long will an adjustment last?" is by far one of the most common questions I get asked by my patients, and it's a good question!

The answer- ideally, in a perfect world, an adjustment should last for a very long time. You could say forever.

However, this is often not the case. How long an adjustment lasts truly depends on many different factors.

A few of these factors? First of all is ligament strength. Ligaments are responsible for maintaing chiropractic adjustments in the body. Oftentimes, when people are under chronic or acute high stress, ligaments will weaken due to excess stress hormone release. This can result in weak joints. It is important to support the ligaments, and often the adrenal glands, to aid in joint stability. We can accomplish this both with treatments, and nutritional supplements. Standard Process has created supplements specifically for strengthening ligaments which are great. Also, working on stress reduction with at-home therapies, such as meditation, exercise, deep breathing, and more, can do wonders!

Most people know that physical injury can throw joints out of alignment, but did you know that dietary stressors, organ dysfunction or inflammation, environmental toxins, and emotional stress can all cause spinal misalignments as well!? Doing the best you can do to eliminate dietary allergens such as wheat, dairy, sugar, and more will result in longer lasting adjustments. Supporting your adrenal glands or other glands, oftentimes with nutritional supplements, will help. Reducing your exposure to toxins will help. Managing your emotional stress will help. You get the idea!

Living a healthy lifestyle will help you to hold your adjustments, but sometimes, life just isn't easy! This is why we recommend chiropractic tune-ups every so often, even in the absence of symptoms, because it is likely that your body will need a tune up every so often. This is why I do what I do! And I love it.