How Do We COVID-19? Outdoors!
How do we COVID-19? Outdoors!
Last week, my patient Andrew swung by and we held our session outside. Yes, outside, in the clean, fresh air, with those nice UV-disinfecting sun rays beaming down on us. Andrew didn't have to come inside the office at all, and we both experienced the healing benefits of being outdoors while having our session.
Being outdoors, especially during this time, has many benefits. I have been singing the praises of getting outside into nature during this time as a means of coping with what is going on, on many different levels. Holding the treatment sessions themselves outside is another great idea (thank you Andrew).
First of all, sunshine is good for our immunity, and bad for viruses. Sunlight exposure increases production of the important immune component vitamin D in our body. Research has even shown that our immune cells work faster and more efficiently in the presence of sunlight. The UV rays of the sun are also one of the best natural disinfectants around, especially given that many superbugs are now resistant to antibiotics and antivirals. Sometimes, I lay my n-95 mask in the direct sunlight to further disinfect it in addition to other protocols. Did you know that we also pick up beneficial bugs in the fresh air that come from soil and plants? We actually get some of our helpful microbes from the environment. The list of benefits from being outdoors is incredible, and overall, holding the session outdoors decreases risk for all at Synergy Chiropractic.
I look forward to seeing more of my in-need patients this week at the office! A gentle reminder that if you are not in urgent need of an appointment, we are requesting that you hold off until some of the restrictions, including on practices like mine, in Maryland are lifted. We will keep you posted on this.
I have greatly enjoyed being in the office and helping during one of the most important times in my career. Have a great week everyone!