How Do I Stay Healthy in Winter?

Many of my patients have been asking me about the Coronavirus and what I do to keep myself healthy during the winter season. Here is my answer!

1. Support my immune system with high quality, health-care professional only (no over the counter or cheap brands, you get what you pay for here, invest in quality) supplements throughout the winter.

I got a picture together of many of my regular winter nutritional supplements. Pictured is NET's Flu Immune, a blend of immune supportive homeopathic remedies, Pro-Omega D, high quality fish oil with vitamin D, liquid zinc, Standard Process Inc. Thymex for thymus gland support, Immuplex as a broad-based immune support, Congaplex for acute cold and flu, Echinacea with vitamin C, and Herbal Throat Spray which delivers high potency antimicrobial herbs into the throat, Biotics Bio ADEK for vitamin D plus other fat soluble vitamins, Lauricidin, a Monolaurin supplement, and our favorite teas- Echinacea and Throat Coat. I also have my SP Complete mix smoothie in there, full of berries and greens along with the multi mineral and vitamin shake mix. On the far right of course is Kerrygold butter from grass-fed cows, chock full of vitamins and nutrients. Not pictured is my beloved bone broth which I try to drink a few days a week. And, there are SO MANY more wonderful, high quality, effective nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic supports to keep us healthy.

In the office, we can use muscle testing to determine exactly which supplements are best for your body.

Other ways I keep myself healthy during the winter?

2. Manage my stress levels
3. Get good sleep
4. Wash my hands often and use all natural disinfectants all around my office and home
5. Limit my sugar consumption. Nothing will knock your immune system down like sugar. 
6. Get regular holistic chiropractic treatments (I go every 2-3 weeks for mine), massage and bodywork treatments, acupuncture, and do daily self-care

Chiropractic adjustments boost the immune system up to 200% within the first few days, and overall regular chiropractic adjustments strengthen the immune system. One of my patients most reported benefits of regular chiropractic care is decreased time sick and decreased severity when sick.

Stay calm, and continue to take care of yourself and your health. Looking forward to helping everyone achieve this in the office next week. Happy weekend!