Hot Topic: Chronic Lower Back Pain
I wanted to share Dr. Phil Maffetone's recent article on one of the most common physical ailments that people come into my office with- chronic low back pain.
Holistic chiropractic treatments are a wonderful and highly effective alternative to over-the-counter medications such as NSAIDS, as well as pharmaceutical pain killers, muscle relaxers, and even surgery.
With Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, we can identify the contributing causes of lower back pain. People often ask me what causes lower back pain. I loved this article because it really breaks down the basic causes of chronic lower back pain-
*excess body fat
*weak abdominal/core muscles and reflexively tight lower back muscles
*chronic inflammation due to poor diet
*musculoskeletal balance
*too much sitting
*being sedentary
*exercise stress
*poor sleep
*poor shoes
*mental/emotional stress
*weak adrenal glands, GI system, or other organ system weakness
This in a nutshell is why persistent lower back pain happens! Thankfully, Applied Kinesiology muscle testing helps us to identify which of these factors are involved. We can then treat all of the above factors with chiropractic manipulation, muscle therapy, reflex point work, meridian balancing, mind-body techniques, nutritional testing, and more.
Holistic chiropractic care is one of the best and most conservative forms of care for lower back pain and should be considered as a first line treatment!
Check out Dr. Maffetone's article for more info!