Holistic Chiropractic for the Digestive System

Meet Your 2nd Brain

Why do I insist on checking/treating my patients digestive health, including the famous ileocecal valve, at every treatment visit?

The nervous system of the gut runs its whole length and is often called "the second brain" because it contains a network of more than 100 million neurons that send critical information to through the nervous system. The digestive system houses much of the immune system, decides when and where to move food and nutrients, releases hormones, and removes waste from the body. Poor digestion affects the body in many ways, including low energy levels and frequent infections, and poor nutrient absorption and utilization. 

Believe it or not, using Applied Kinesiology and chiropractic, we can help restore optimal functioning to the digestive system!

Each part of the digestive system is related to certain muscles, joints, reflex and acupuncture points, emotions, nutrients, and more. For example, the small intestine is related to the quad muscle and the first joint of the sacrum in the pelvis. The stomach is related to the pec muscle and L1 joint in the lower back, as well as the ankle joint and the emotion of low self-esteem. Low stomach acid is related to T5 in the mid back, and there are many more examples of these connections. Each part of the digestive system is intricately related to different parts of our body and mind.

Using muscle testing, we can identify certain muscle weaknesses related to parts of the digestive system which may need support. We can then apply our treatment tools including chiropractic adjustments, stimulation of reflex or acupuncture points, proper nutritional supplementation, mind-body techniques, and more to help the organ or organ system. 

Many patients are surprised when they notice improved digestion and bowel function after beginning holistic chiropractic treatment. 

Below is a picture depicting the large intestine part of digestion and all it is related to. Check it out!