Holistic Chiropractic + Lifestyle Changes Leads to Big Success for Edgard
I'm finally getting around to doing another post today ( I so enjoy writing these up, it's just about finding the time!), this time with another patient success story!
Meet Edgard, the father of another wonderful patient of mine, Ernesto. I have seen Edgard's son Ernesto for years now, but I have only had two visits with Edgard so far, and we have already seen drastic improvements in his health concerns.
After moving here recently from Peru, Edgard came in for his first holistic chiropractic health assessment and treatment.
To summarize, Edgard had a variety of issues he wanted to address, including severe upper back and neck pain for which he has had to take medication, some lower back pain, jaw pain, and high blood pressure and cholesterol for which he has had to take medication.
We tackled all of Edgard's issues using all of our tools of Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, reflex point work, organ system work, meridian balancing, mind-body techniques, chiropractic adjustments, nutritional testing, and nutritional supplement support.
Just a few of the things we found that were significant and fascinating to Edgard: Many of his physical pain symptoms were listed side effects of the medications he had to take for his cholesterol and high blood pressure. While medication has a time and a place, it also often has adverse side effects. In Edgard's case, it could be a major factor behind his musculoskeletal pain. We also found many misalignments and weakness of the liver-related muscles upon neurologic muscle testing. Gratefully, Edgard was open to mind-body techniques as well.
Since Edgard had already begun working hard at lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise with success before seeing me, the treatment and addition of liver-supportive supplements to his regimen has already allowed Edgard to work down off his meds with his doc. Wooohoo! Yay for lifestyle changes + conservative care.
I am happy to report that at Edgard's second treatment, after just one treatment, he told me all of his pain levels were very significantly reduced. He also told me he is no longer taking his cholesterol medication.
I look forward to continuing to work with Edgard on his health journey! His future is definitely looking bright! Welcome to the Synergy family, Edgard.