Hearing Restored for my Patient Rodney
My patient Rodney had a super cool experience with chiropractic care here at the office, and he is willing to share it with us!
Rodney came into me initially with a number of different issues that we continue to work on, but one that he mentioned was that after suffering some trauma, he had lost a certain amount of hearing in one of his ears. He could no longer hear certain tones when listening to people talk or when listening to music etc. He noticed that the tone was in a certain range.
I treated Rodney head to toe, literally, per usual. We did chiropractic adjustments to his full spine, including extremities such as the shoulders, hands, and feet. We facilitated injured muscles, and released tight muscles, such as certain jaw muscles, which we were muscle testing to be tight and need treatment. I applied manual traction to both his neck and lower back. Traction is a wonderful de-compression technique that alleviates pressure on nerves and other structures. Come to think of it, post to come later on this....But back to Rodney!
Rodney came in to his next treatment ecstatic about something- he could hear all tones again in his left ear. He had attended a concert since our first session, and at this concert noticed that he could hear ALL the notes being played. Woah. Rodney was blown away. To this day, that new and improved hearing has maintained for Rodney. Considering he also plays guitar himself, this was huge.
Did you know that the first official chiropractic adjustment, given by DD Palmer in 1895, was done for a deaf janitor who was working in DD's office building. The janitor, Harvey, Lillard, complained of hearing loss after suffering an injury and hearing a "pop" in his upper back. DD Palmer noted a spinal misalignment in Harvey Lillard's spine and corrected it. This restored the man's hearing.
Maybe I was channeling my inner DD Palmer? In any case, I am glad that Rodney's hearing has been restored, and that he can fully enjoy all his music concerts from here forward.