Healthy Meal Prep Sunday!
It's meal prep Sunday and I wanted to share with all of my patients what I made for this upcoming week today!
As most of my patients know, I recommend a diet free from any wheat, corn, dairy, soy, or sugar. These are all inflammatory foods, with wheat highly stressing the liver and gut, corn stressing the brain and skin, dairy stressing the genitourinary system, soy stressing the reproductive system, and sugar stressing...well, everything!
This way of healthy eating leaves many patients asking "Well, what am I supposed to eat?" Meat and veggies of course!
To make the meal planning process even easier, I crock pot large amounts of food on Sundays that will last me the entire week. This is a great way to cook for the family as well.
In this week's crockpot, I threw in about 7 or 8 chicken strips, along with three chopped up bell peppers, a small bag of snap peas, a bag of mixed cruciferous vegetables, a bag of chopped pineapple, and a sauce made of olive oil mixed with sweet and spicy chili sauce. Most ingredients are organic and bought in my case at Trader Joe's. I cooked up a side of wild rice to go with the meal. It was easy, quick, and done after 7 hours of low heat crock potting.
I hope this inspires some of my patients to stick with their healthy eating resolutions for 2017 and helps with some ideas for healthy meals for you and the family! We will see you all back in the office tomorrow Monday for another great week of healing!