Health is a Three Sided Triangle

It was great to treat a fellow healer today! Brenda is an energy healer as well as certified Reiki healer who practices in Rockville. She has been coming in for holistic chiropractic care for quite some time now! It was fun to see her for her tune up today. 

We took some photos demonstrating what we call the Triad of Health. Holistic chiropractic care addresses not only structural imbalances and spinal misalignments, but also includes treating our organ systems and emotional stressors too. 

This is the Triad of Health. It includes physical, mental, and biochemical factors. They are three sides of the health triangle. 

Whenever I see a patient in my office, I evaluate all three sides. I check for any and all structural imbalances in the spine and extremities. I check for any emotional stressors that may be behind the symptoms using mind-body techniques and muscle testing. I also check all of the organ systems to make sure they are working properly and determine if there are any nutrient deficiencies, toxin exposures, food allergies, and more. In this way, no underlying factors are excluded when treating the patient.