Healing with Color Therapy aka Chromotherapy
Thanks to Dr. Joseph Mercola for publishing an article on the healing benefits of chromotherapy, or color therapy, this week!
Chromotherapy is just another healing technique that we use here in the office during our holistic chiropractic treatments.
Each color of the spectrum relates to certain parts of the body, certain organs, and certain emotions. For example, the color green relates to heart, chest area and diaphragm, ribcage, and shoulders, and emotions of love and forgiveness. All other colors relate to other organs, areas, and emotions as well.
During treatments, we will use muscle testing to determine the need for any certain color therapy. We will then have the patient wear the colored lenses while we simultaneously apply a certain treatment, whether it be chiropractic adjustments, spinal stimulation with the activator, acupressure, or other treatment! This integrates the color frequency into the body.
I love having so many different tools to help my patients, and this is just another great one!