Healing the Healer with NET Success in Hawaii!

I am on cloud 9 over here! 

This past weekend, I attended my first NET Success seminar in beautiful Honolulu, HI!

I have taken the basic NET, which stands for Neuro-Emotional Technique, seminar in the past, but this took it a step further. Not only did I further develop my mind-body technique skills with NET Success, the seminar also had a "heal the healer" approach. In other words, us practitioners worked through our own emotional blockages and on our own inner emotional health. 

Neuro-Emotional Technique is a mind-body technique which combines elements of chiropractic, body physiology, acupuncture meridians, and other mind-body dynamics, to improve behavioral and physical conditions by identifying and removing neurological imbalances due to unresolved emotional stressors. Often, these emotional stressors have overwhelmed our own inborn emotional processing systems.

The fact is, our emotional state greatly affects our health. And my emotional state as a practitioner, greatly affects not only my well-being, but the care that I am giving to my patients, my ability to maintain my practice, my energy, my time management skills, my focus, etc. NET instructors spent the weekend teaching us just how important it is that we remain emotionally healthy for ourselves and our patients. 

In all honesty, this job that I love and adore, is physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding. As the practice becomes busier, I continue to recognize the need to maintain my inner and outer health, and to recharge my batteries, so that I can continue to give to the best of my abilities for years to come.

My mentor, Dr. Tim Francis, also repeated to us again and again, every session with a patient is an energy exchange. Both the energetic state of the patient and the doctor affect the outcome of the treatment. Another reason to keep myself in a healthy energetic state!

Not only am I coming back to the office better equipped to serve my patients, I am coming back having personally worked through many personal past emotional traumas and blockages. I happened to be attending the seminar with long-time chiropractic colleague and friend Dr. Ashley Freidel, who attended National University of Health Sciences with me for some time. Dr. Freidel is now practicing in the San Francisco area, and just became a certified NET practitioner. Her skills blew me away! We spent much of the weekend working with each other. I also was able to work with other practitioners.

I am off the rest of this week, further resting and rejuvenating. I will be back in the office this Saturday, February 29th! 

Have a wonderful week, and thank you for reading!