Getting to the Core of Lower Back Pain with my Patient Shayla!

This latest post is with my patient Shayla, and it's all about working on lower core! First, a happy thanks to Shayla for posing with me and agreeing to share some of the work we do together. 

Shayla came to me with one of the most common issues we all hear about-lower back pain. In Shayla's case, one element we really need to work on is her core strength particularly lower core. 

The muscles of the lower core include portions of the rectus abdominus (the six pack abs), the obliques, the transverse abdominus, pelvic floor muscles, and more. These muscles, when engaged properly, offer fundamental support and stability to the spine, which is critical in preventing lower back issues and pain.

So how do we strengthen the core? In the office, I have learned how to muscle test all of the various sections of the abomdinals (thank you, Dr. Timothy Francis) to determine which ones are firing properly and which ones aren't. The different core muscles may not be working well for a number of reasons. These reasons include-spinal misalignment, musculoskeletal imbalance, gastro-intestinal issues and inflammation, cranial (skull) faults/misalignments, emotional stresses for example fear and mistrust as well as others, and more. 

Once we have identified the inhibited core muscles with muscle testing, we can treat them with spinal manipulation, muscle therapy, reflex point and organ system work, lymphatic points, mind-body techniques, homeopathic remedies, and a number of other holistic health techniques.

Only then, when the patient returns home to their regular exercise or core work that they do, will the muscles neurologically now fire correctly! The core exercises will then be much more effective, and the back pain will be on its way to resolution. 

These days, Shayla barely mentions her lower back. Maybe a tweak here or a tweak there, but all in all, she's doing fabulous, and this work is part of the reason why. Thank you to my awesome patient Shayla!


Shayla and Dr. Amanda

Muscle testing Shayla's core muscles 

In 2011, Learning how to muscle test the abdominal muscles with Dr. Timothy Francis