Gait and Chiropractic
February 21, 2017
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As my mentor Dr. Tim says "The gait of man is the fate of man." This means- a proper gait (walk) is so important!

I almost always check the muscles involved in proper walking when my patients come in for their appointments. This past weekend, I saw my patient Chris, who is a serious weightlifter and personal trainer at Breakaway Fitness in McLean, VA.  Chris puts his body to the test every day, and realizes the importance of getting chiropractic tune ups.

There are several very important muscles involved in gait.  At different points while we are walking, muscles both turn on, AND shut off.  That's right, certain muscles need to turn off at certain times in gait too.  Some of the important muscles I check are the upper traps, piriformis (hip/pelvis muscle), lat, and SCM, among others!  

If I find any of these muscles to not be turning on or off correctly in a gait (walking) position, I then use my tool of muscle testing to determine how to fix it and get it working properly, whether is is an adjustment, muscle therapy, reflex point, or other treatment that the patient needs.  

This is a great way to check the patient functionally for problems that may be going on! Since we don't live our lives always laying on our back, I muscle test and work on my patients in various different positions.  This is also key to a good thorough analysis and treatment!

Today is our last day in the office before we head out of the country for a week.  Please e-mail me at [email protected], as this will be the best way to contact me.  We will try to check voicemail and answers calls whenever possible.  Thanks and see you next week!