Flower Power-Using Flower Essences in My Practice
Today I want to talk flower power- using flower essences in holistic chiropractic treatments.
I have used a variety of flower essences in my practice for years now, and there are so many good ones out there! These include Bach remedies, FlorAlive, and my recent fave is Essence Alchemy. I am giving them a little plug today and also giving them their due credit in helping me to explain flower essences and their uses! Check out their website for more info on these amazing remedies.
Flower essences are made by combining different wild flowers with spring water and a little bit of alcohol as a preservative.
Each different flower remedy contains specific healing properties, particularly in relation to negative emotions including fear, anxiety, worry, hopelessness, depression, pain, guilt, and so on. These emotions, when unprocessed and stagnant in our system, create physical problems and pain along with their emotional repercussions.
The flower essences assist in healing and processing these unprocessed emotions in the body. We have talked about and even seen research proving the mind-body connection, but what do we do about that? This is one of the many ways that the mind-body connection can be addressed.
We use manual muscle testing as always to identify the unprocessed emotions and to determine what type of treatment, flower essences included, is applicable.
I would not truly be a holistic practitioner unless I looked at all sides of the health triangle- physical structure, biochemistry, AND mental/emotional health!