Fixing Up the Shoulder Joint

This past Saturday and Sunday I attended another Applied Kinesiology seminar! Today Sunday was all about the shoulder joint.

Think that nothing can really be done about shoulder problems? Think again! With chiropractic kinesiology, there are 5 major areas of the shoulder joint that I assess and treat.

With muscle testing, we can assess the shoulder joint for misalignments such as numerous different shoulder joint misalignments, slipped tendons in the shoulder, rotator cuff dysfunction, frozen shoulder, bursitis, and more. 

We then treat with all of the tools are our disposal depending on what the individual patient needs, including chiropractic adjusting, muscle therapy, acupuncture meridian balancing techniques, mind-body techniques, nutritional supplementation, and more.

Once again with a holistic health perspective, we acknowledge that the shoulder joint is related to other areas and issues in the body. The shoulder joint relates to protein digestion and intestinal absorption, the intestinal ileocecal valve, the lung and stomach meridians, misalignments in the lower back/pelvis and foot, the TMJ, emotional stress, and more. Proper function of the shoulder is necessary for all of these other health issues, and vice versa! 

I love working on the extremities, especially the shoulder joint. Many people are told there is nothing that can be done further for their shoulder issues, or are simply given pharmaceuticals to reduce the pain and inflammation. In reality, there is much to be assessed and fixed regarding the shoulder joint. To silence the body's signals (pain or limited motion, etc) that something is wrong is not the solution. I am grateful for my tools of Applied Kinesiology and chiropractic which allow me to very thoroughly check and fix shoulder issues once and for all!